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Living Expense Assistance

The JW Memorial Foundation is committed to providing assistance to the families of fallen emergency responders in Idaho. To qualify for financial assistance under this program, the need must be a result of a line of duty catastrophic injury or death of an active emergency responder, including law enforcement officers, fire fighters or emergency medical services providers (EMTs & paramedics).

Our intent is to provide financial assistance by taking care of the immediate living expenses (rent or mortgage, utility bills, etc.) in order to lessen the burden upon the family during an extremely difficult time.

If you are aware of an incident involving the line of duty catastrophic injury or death of an emergency responder in Idaho, please contact us as quickly as possible, so we can offer assistance as quickly as possible. We can be reached by email at swelch@jwmfidaho.com or via phone at 208-664-2330.

We are working to provide additional programs for our members. Stay tuned to see how the JW Memorial Foundation can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much money will be provided for benefits?

The amount of money available for benefits is dependent on the amount of funding that the JW Memorial Foundation has at the time. Our goal is to provide three months of living expenses for the responder’s family.

What is the Board of Directors and how are they chosen?

The Board of Directors manage the affairs of the JW Memorial Foundation. Our By-Laws require no fewer than 5, and no more than 15, directors on the Board. They serve staggered two-year terms. New Board members are nominated by members of the current Board of Directors, and then a vote is held by the Board.
The officers of the Board include a chairperson, president, vice president, treasurer and secretary. They are elected by a vote of the Board of Directors at the annual meeting and each has specific duties

How is eligibility for benefits determined?

Our Benefits Committee relies upon the emergency responder’s department to provide us with verification of the responder’s eligibility for benefits by providing the following information:
1. Confirm that the recipient was active and in good standing (whether paid or volunteer) at the time of the injury or death, and
2. Confirm that the death or injury occurred in the line of duty, and
3. Provide formal documentation of line of duty determination.

How often do you meet?

The Board of Directors meet at least twice a year, at the Annual Meeting, held in the Fall, and at the Spring meeting. The Board may determine that additional meetings are necessary. Since the inception, the founding Board of Directors has met on a monthly basis.

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